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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Let's play the blame game

You haven't heard of the blame game? Of course, you have. I'll show you some of the moves and help you remember.
"The corruption ! It's spreading like a forest fire. All the govt. officials take bribes, including the highest officers to the lowest grade ones. Why doesn’t the government do some thing like pass a bill? That's why they are elected. I don't believe they want us to stop giving bribes. As if the corruption system thrives on people giving bribes. Hello, the problem is the ones taking bribes not us the people giving bribes. We are working people and obviously very busy. We cannot afford to stand in queues or wait for days for officials to finish their processing. And you blame us for giving bribe to cut through a queue.
Well, I don't mind if the concerned officer finished my work without taking bribes. All I want is my work done before all the others who have applied before me. But the problem is these officials need money for little things like cutting the queue.”
Now do you recollect the game. Yes, it's the same one we've been playing for years. And the trophy is the state of our country after 65 years of independence.
Now it's up to us, the people of India whether you still want to play this game or take responsibility. Even a strong empire like the British rule couldn't survive without the co-operation of the people. The only way corruption can be cleansed is non-cooperation movement again. Stop giving bribes, less than 5% of people work in govt. offices, the rest 95% are the people giving bribes.
Jan Lokpal bill may seem ideal but always remember one thing; Lokpal will be human. He is not infallible. There is no chance of knowing that the people elected as lokpal will never ever take bribes. But we can always stop giving bribes.

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