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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Faith & such -2

Do you believe in miracles? Everybody does. If you don’t agree, let me re-frame the question. Have you at any time in your life hoped for a miracle? 

A crowded examination hall, question papers are being handed and you wish the questions turn out the ones you prepared last night.

A dim-lit room in the hospital, a loved one on the bed and with every ticking of the clock makes you anxious about the reports of the confirmatory diagnosis. All you have is a glimmer of hope that the earlier diagnosis was a mistake.

Or it could be a ordinary day,  you want something and you hope for a miracle to hand it over. 

Everyone hopes for a miracle at least once in their life. Sometimes, he gets it then, hopes for an another one. The basis of all faiths stem from a miracle. Most of the revolutionary inventions were accidents. All the religions of the world rely on miracles.

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