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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The curious case of Monday- Part 6

* This is the final part of the 'The curious case of Monday'. To understand the story, start from the part-1.


The last warning

God had almost lost His confidence in humans to solve the Monday crisis. He decided to give them a last chance. This time He sent emails to all nations and along with the chiefs of their respective bureaucracies.

When they received an email from God, there was a state of confusion. However, most of them were aware of the prior email the UN had received, which added to their strain.

The wise old man 


One of the senior-most member of a bureaucracy had read tales of the wise old man. If you are in the habit of reading since your childhood and have read older folktales, you might have come across the character, a wise, old man. It could have been a wise, old woman, the gender not being the important factor. This wise old man lives in a hut near the outskirts of a remote village. The village can be a village in any country. In the golden past, almost every village possessed one.

Alas, the modern times boast of the scarcity of the character. There are still old men/women, but the prefix wise was lost during the process of evolution some time after the loss of the tail. However, the senior bureaucrat didn’t give up hope. He searched far and wide, and found a wise old man in one of the less developed villages.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

The curious case of Monday- Part 5

*This is a part of a story 'The curious case of Monday'. To understand the complete story start reading from the first part

The Indian way

The Monday crisis was yet to be resolved when another country, India entered to solve the problem. Most people will be shocked that India is in fact going to participate actively in International problems. India, like other non-aligned movement nation loves to play fence politics in the international arena. That way they can make a lot of noise without having to take any action. Then, why has India decided to involve in this problem?

Copyright on God

For thousands of years, we Indians have some sort of a copyright on God. God might send His son or prophet to some other countries but, when He Himself decides to descend, He chooses India. India was offended when God sent an email to the United Nations. What was wrong with regular means of communication like aakashwani (speak through the skies/lightening.) or popping into a seer’s dreams like He always does?

Though God had hurt their feelings, India did not hold a grudge. Indians were ready to help God to solve the Monday problem.

Monday Mahima

The politicians of India have a strange habit of scattering seeds, be it communalism or any other ideas. Mind you, they only scatter seeds, they leave watering the plant to the rest of the people. The seeds never take root unless, someone decides to water them.

In this case, one of the politicians said, “Monday must be a form of God or his mockery wouldn’t reflect on ‘judgement day’.”

This idea was so appealing to the masses and media that they grabbed at it. Monday started appearing in Sadhus’ dreams. There appeared a Baba Somarasa who had taken diksha (spiritual education) from Monday himself. Hymns were composed reciting praises of Monday. Someone even took to compiling Monday Purana.

Friday, 14 March 2014

The so called box

"Creativity is outside the box," they say.

"Think outside the box," they say.

As a child, I saw the same world and there was no box.

When, and how did the box appear?

 © Kiran Acharya

Thursday, 13 March 2014

The curious case of Monday- Part 4

*To understand this story, you need to start from the Part-1 where Monday is hurt by his ridicule and tries to resign as a day of the week.  


The Capitalist way

“We could ask people to love Monday, at the least to like it.”

The President shook his head, “it won’t work.”

“We could make a law and make it imperative for the people to love Monday and stop its mockery.” 

“We are a free nation,” the president began, “We don’t make unjust laws and force people. Liberty for us-” 

“We should launch Operation Holy Monday.” The secretary of defence interrupted.

“Operation Holy Monday” the President said laying emphasis on each word, “seems fantastic. What is it?”

“Human rights are violated, it is imperative for us to intervene.”

For some time, nobody understood anything. Then, they saw he was pointing at a small country on the globe.

US is as much a supporter for the the protection of human rights as for liberty. As a glutton can't resist food, US can't help protecting human rights of people in the world outside the US.

“Operation Holy Monday, it is.” President nodded. "Monday will get it's respect back, soon."


Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The curious case of Monday- Part 3

*To understand this story, you need to start from the Part-1 where Monday is hurt by his ridicule and tries to resign as a day of the week.



The Socialist/ Communist way

The Russian prime minister thought about the Monday problem. He wasn’t suppose to believe in existence of God, but he wanted to be the one to solve the crisis. The solution seemed easy on the face of it, and there was a consensus in the Russian government regarding it’s worth. He decided to talk it over with China.

“We make a law protecting Monday from ridicule. People are bound to obey the laws.”

The Chinese prime minister had the same idea. “The laws are for the good of the people.” He said, “ but I don’t trust that email.”

The Russian Prime minister was restless. “You mean, they sent it?”

The other nodded. “I don’t think God sent it.”

“We could outwit them. We’ll take up Monday’s problem without involving God. Monday is a conscientious worker. Even if it’s a plant, he needs help.”

“We always stand by the working class.”

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The curious case of Monday- Part 2

*To understand this story, you need to read the Part-1 where Monday is hurt by his ridicule and tries to resign as a day of the week.

Panic in the UN

The United Nations was in an uproar over an email supposedly sent by God. Though UN has always claimed to be the collective representative of the nations on the earth, this was the first time God had given any inclination of accepting the fact. Being their first time, as a messenger of God, they went into a panic.

The first nation which got involved was the United States of America. Since both UN and USA share the prefix ‘united’, they tend to form an united front.

At first, everyone considered it as an ordinary prank. However, as the authorities failed to find the source from which the email originated, the prank was thought to be an ingenious plan to disturb world peace. Special emphasis was laid on the word ‘judgement’ which indicated the mail meant trouble.

Initially, everyone blamed unknown terrorist organisation but later, the countries of the UN started pointing fingers at each other. The US hinted at KGB without taking any names while Russia was positive about CIA involvement.

Many secret conferences and classified reports later, UN came to a conclusion it was more than a prank. Every clue pointed to non-human involvement.

It could be an alien ultimatum, the UN decided though no one could explain the strange interest of the aliens in the sentiments of Monday. Some religious countries leaned towards the idea that the email might have been sent by the Almighty Himself. However, this idea was disregarded due to lack of scientific proof.

Finally, there was a consensus in the UN that the matter needed urgent attention. It did not matter whether it was God or the aliens, it was an unknown power and the steps to resolve the conflict needed to be taken.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The curious case of Monday- Part 1




Monday is furious

When he saw his colleague and closest friend, Tuesday grinning at the monitor, he couldn’t take it any longer. There was a time, he was respected as the first day of the week. Now, he had turned into the clown of the town.

He stared at the meme on the screen. So, they wanted him to take a vacation, did they? He decided to do a lot better, he would tender his resignation instead.
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