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The truth about setbacks

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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Are you a feminist?

Are you a feminist? I bet 99% of you would answer in the negative. Well, let me re-frame the question? Are you against domestic violence or any other form of injustice met out to women? Now, I am sure, each and everyone of you, including an occasional wife-beater will answer in the affirmative. Everybody likes to known as a just and kind human being. Then, why doesn't anyone want to be called a feminist? Because, everyone thinks of a feminist as an ugly, man-hating female. I am a female myself and wouldn't accept the term in my college years, so I don't blame you all.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Let's play the blame game

You haven't heard of the blame game? Of course, you have. I'll show you some of the moves and help you remember.
"The corruption ! It's spreading like a forest fire. All the govt. officials take bribes, including the highest officers to the lowest grade ones. Why doesn’t the government do some thing like pass a bill? That's why they are elected. I don't believe they want us to stop giving bribes. As if the corruption system thrives on people giving bribes. Hello, the problem is the ones taking bribes not us the people giving bribes. We are working people and obviously very busy. We cannot afford to stand in queues or wait for days for officials to finish their processing. And you blame us for giving bribe to cut through a queue.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Course of Nature

“Change is the course of Nature;
  This does not infer upon humans,
  The right to force
  The change upon nature.”

What are you supposed to feel when you have a rendezvous with nature after almost twelve years of separation from it?  I don’t know what people feel in such a situation but I felt bereft. Maybe I am not so good with long distance relationships but something had definitely changed. The first thing I had to consider was ‘have I changed? Have I grown so accustomed to concrete and technology that I can no longer relate to the greens and wild?’ But I knew the answer to this one. No, no one can change enough not to fall in love with the swaying leaves, dancing butterflies, the glorious sunshine but something was definitely different.
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