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The truth about setbacks

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About Shankhnaad

This blog is about change, not the sudden change from darkness to dawn, but a continuous process of creating ripples of change which combine to form a strong current. It is about the gleaming and mesmerizing water falling over the cliffs, and also the water dribbling from the faucet into the yearning bucket.

It is an attempt to redefine beauty, to free it from the confines of limited parameters, take it beyond illusions, beyond perfection.

The Shankha or the conch represents righteousness. If you try holding it near your ear, you can hear the sound of gently humming ocean. This is supposed to be the natural vibration of earth which is magnified in the conch.

When the conch is blown, it produces the primordial sound of creation. It symbolizes the world and the truth of creation. 

The blowing of the shankha purifies the atmosphere. We believe that writing can serve as a tool to uplift the people and community.

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Let the voice of change echo

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Happy children light the world

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