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Friday, 31 October 2014

Friday Quote #4

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Happy children equals to a happy world

Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man. ~Rabindranath Tagore

A child is born happy; his/her happiness radiates around the area infecting people in the vicinity. You might have had a depressing day, but when a child laughs, your first reaction is to smile back. The reason God sends kids to this world is because he wants to counteract the forces of sadness and evil in the world.

Some situations and people suck the joy out of the children. Malnutrition, child labour and child abuse are some of the culprits. Instead of happy children, we have kids who are scared, half-starved and abused. As a human being and a citizen of this world, it is our duty to prevent anything/anyone from wiping a child’s smile.

In India, November 14th is celebrated as children’s day. We decided to extend it a little bit and dedicate the whole month for children. This is a campaign to spread awareness about child’s rights and related issues, and how we can as individuals contribute in protecting a child’s smile.

All the Shankhnaad posts for this topic can be found on this page. You can contribute too, if you wish. All you have to do is write a post in November, about children. It could be a prose/poetry or fiction/non-fiction. It doesn’t have to be about children’s issues. It could be a happy post about children. Link your post to this page with a text “Shankhnaad for happy children” and add your link to this page. If you want, you can grab a ‘Shankhnaad for happy children’ badge and proudly display it on your post(optional).

The only condition to take part in this campaign is before you write, you have to take the pledge below:

I may not be able to help all the children around the world, but if I see any child in distress, I’ll do my best to help him/her. I’ll never be a participant or an indifferent observer to any sort of injustice met to kids.

Copy(using ctrl+c)the HTML code to grab the badge and post it in your blog post:

Shankhnaad for happy children

“We aren’t professionals in the field, but we are here to make every amateurish effort count.” - Shankhnaad-the sound of change Team.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Friday Quote #3

Friday, 17 October 2014

Friday Quote- 2

Monday, 13 October 2014

Presenting 'Memory Intrigues'

When we think of novels, the first thing that comes to mind is flow, an original voice and continuity. So, when Blogadda formed teams of ten authors to write a single story, I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea. I, like other bloggers, can’t say no to any creative writing endeavor, and became a part of the game of blogs.

When we started writing, I realised that the saying, too many cooks spoil the feast isn’t always true. At times, every cook adds his individual flavour, and the dish turns out more delicious than expected.

Thank you Blogadda for giving us a chance to explore our creativity and have fun at the same time.

Now, we have a novel where every chapter has a different, refreshing voice like the vivid sky displaying various shades of blue, white, and red, the shades  instead of diminishing add to it’s beauty. 

Our Logo designed by talented Ruchita

Dynamic WordWeavers is a team of writers: Ganga Bharani, Rajesh K, Sulaiman Sait, Kiran Acharya (me), Madhavi A, Ruchita Shah, Swati Aiyer, Aditi Kaushiva, Shetall, and Purba Chakraborty.

Artistic collage by Ganga Bharani

Presenting to you ‘Memory Intrigues’ by Dynamic WordWeavers.

Memory Intrigues: 


One phone call causes an upheaval in Shekhar Dutta’s life. It was the beginning of a disaster. He can no longer trust his own wife, and is ignorant about the shadow overcasting his daughter’s happiness.

Tara Dutta believes that success is the key to happiness. None of her calculations work when her ambition is entangled with a family crisis.

Where is Jennifer Joseph? Shekhar and the media are intrigued. Jennifer is on the run. She thinks, she has everything under control but control is a tricky thing.

Cyrus Daruwala has goals set in life; his research is progressing in the right direction and a brilliant career is awaiting him. What more would a student want? A shortcut to success. Only he has no idea where the path leads.

Everyone has a secret hidden safely or so they think. Secrets are hard to keep and harder to reveal when the time comes.

Creativity by Ganga Bharani


Memory Intrigues, Part I


Memory Intrigues, Part II


Memory Intrigues, Part III 


We invite you join us in our thrilling adventure, and don't forget to let us know how you like it. You can comment on individual chapters or on the blogadda page here. (On Blogadda page you stand a chance to win goodies, if your comment is selected.) You can also let us know on our Facebook Page: Dynamic WordWeavers. And while you are at it, why not like the page too? On the page you'll find more about the authors and also some inside stories on how we fabricated the story. So, keep following our FB page.

We are looking forward to your words of encouragement.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Friday Quote

Friday, 3 October 2014

Memory Intrigues- Chapter 22

Note: This is the Twenty-second chapter of 'Memory Intrigues', a collaborative novel being etched out by a group of ten bloggers.

Join our team, the 'DynamicWord Weavers' as we #CelebrateBlogging with BlogAdda's 'Game of Blogs'

Team Logo by Ruchita
Read the previous part of the story here or check out all chapters on our FB page here.

The story so far: 

What’s the matter Shekhar?  Who was it?”
Shekhar stares as if he’s seen a ghost.  Tara repeats her question.
They have kidnapped Roohi.  They want the memory card.”
Tara’s jaw drops and her eyes go round with fright.
Give it to them. I want Roohi back safe and sound.  Damn that memory card.  It has been the cause of so much trouble in this house.”
Shekhar listens and remains silent for a while. He is deep in thought.
And what if they take the card and don’t return Roohi?he thinks out aloud.

Chapter 22 

Can we risk it?” Tara asks.
He just stands there staring vacantly into the emptiness. He knows the answer as well as Tara. Until now, Shekhar never really understood why people gave in to ransom demands.
An hour later, they receive the next call with information about where they need to come, in order to hand over the memory card.
How do I know she’s...” Shekhar could not complete the sentence; Tara covers his mouth with her hand.
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