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Monday, 18 November 2013

Be prepared

A boar was sharpening it’s tusk in the forest.
A fox saw him and was surprised, “Why are you sharpening them now? I don’t see any danger around.”
“When danger arrives, I wouldn’t get time to sharpen my tusks,” the boar replied.

Like the boar in the above story we need to be prepared too. Everyone waits for the last day to study for the exams. It is unthinkable of what happens when something turns up and you can’t study the last day or night.

Don’t wait for deadlines to prepare for your presentations. The work done in hurry isn’t your best work, it’s your haste work. You don’t want people to form impressions about you based on that work.


  1. It is true that we always wait for the last minute....
    And I generally did lot of Last Minute study during my Engg Days..This seriously should not be done,But as they say you learn once you commit the mistake..

    1. I know. My dental college days were the same. The memories provoked this post. :)


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