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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

A better way of living

I hate tablets, the white ones, the pink ones, small round ones and even the sugar coated ones. However, since the advent of the newer meaning of the word, an electronic tablet, I can’t live without it.

From getting up in the morning and chatting to reading in the car or cab, even in train or bus, till I fall asleep at night, I need the tablet with me. It has become an extra appendage. I use it for reading , writing, and even talking. One click and you can find anything you need, it’s like a miracle.


From Tablet to the tablets

Sadly, all is not well. This has brought me closer to the much dreaded tablets, the pills. How? Having to bend continuously over the tab even when you are sitting serves as an invitation for neck pain. And if you write for long hours like I do, then, your back and wrists also starts aching. It is really difficult to pay attention to your posture when you are in the middle of a twist in the plot. I love trekking and nature trails, too. You can imagine my plight with a tablet in a hand and trying to use it with my back against a tree. This leaves you with the only two options left, the bitter pills and yoga (stretching exercises).


That’s not all of it.

I love talking with a lot of hand gestures. Holding a tablet in the hand kind of cramps my style. Plus, when you have to carry some other things, two hands are not enough. There is no way, you can let the tablet fall out of your hands. So, it’s always the other things which break. After breaking two of my mom’s favourite coffee mugs, she has warned me, “the next time you break something, it better be that tablet.” My poor tablet has got itself in her bad books.

How are we to carry it around everywhere when the battery gives away at crucial times? Here you are, in the middle of sharing your exciting adventure and poof! The battery dies, it blanks my mind too. It isn’t much fun carrying a tablet around when you have to carry the charger. You have to stick around to the restaurants and such places and can’t hope for any adventures in the wild.


The Tablet which exercises for my benefit

How I wished that I could relax and let someone else do the stretching on my behalf! Then, came the Lenovo Yoga Tablet. The name ‘Yoga’ drew my attention. I was intrigued as to what the tablet would do, teach yoga? It turns out this super flexible tablet was ready to do the bending instead. Who says prayers aren’t answered?

Better way
Image Courtesy: Lenovo

Non-stop life on the go

The tilt mode ensures that you can write for long hours wherever you go. I can now, complete my novel with a happy back and wrist. Bye-bye laptop for writing. No interfering extension cords, lightweight, and a great viewing angle, isn’t that what you need to make an amazing writing tool? And I don’t have to bother checking my posture. I can change the tablet’s position to cater to my comfort.

This tablet can stand on it’s own. No more learning recipes before cooking. Now, you can watch recipes as you cook. Gone are the days when you had to hold a coffee cup in one hand and the tablet in the other, fighting the fear of breaking one of the two. Just sit back and and relax, drink your coffee while video-chatting or watching videos.

It’s an awesome companion on your adventures. The lightweight ensures it doesn’t add extra baggage. You can hold it easily with palm support and no strain on your fingers. And when you are relaxing, the tablet can stand without your support.

The Lenovo Yoga comes with a long battery life. No need to carry extension cords. No need to stick to boring places. You can get out of your comfort zones because the Lenovo Yoga looks after your comfort.

Lenovo yoga
Image Courtesy: Lenovo

Life is too short to waste but with Lenovo Yoga, you can enjoy every minute of it. A tablet, that is as much flexible as you,is definitely a better way of living.

*This  post is written for 'the better way' contest by Indiblogger and


  1. Very detailed and informative, Kiran!
    All the best for the contest. :)

  2. Hey Kiran! This is an interesting read! Well written! Best wishes for the contest!

    I am following your blog :)

    The Arts & Me

    1. Thanks Sindhu. I loved your innovative ideas. Best of luck to you too.
      Thanks for following. I appreciate the gesture.


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