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Sunday, 4 May 2014

A Letter to the Sun

Dearest Sunny,

I know you’ll be surprised (or probably annoyed) when you receive this letter. The truth is I can’t bear to look at you, hence this letter. No, I haven’t done anything stupid, it’s you who is in one of your tempers again.

You are my best friend and you bring warmth and joy in every life you touch, the kind of girl who guides people from darkness to light. But, this is when you are in a generous mood. When you are blazing with fury, there exists no man in this world who can face you. In that mood you transform from a benevolent angel to a holy terror.

Don’t you try to look affronted by my remark? I have every right to point out to you when you are crossing the limit. After all, we have been friends since childhood (mine, of course). I can still remember how my grandmama used to take me out to meet you. I was impressed when you looked like a magnificent red apple. How we used to laugh!(I can hear you mumbling, “Come to the point, you idiot” as you are reading this letter. Well, I won’t come to the point till I have softened you enough to consider my point. I know you are smiling now.) I never forgot to wish you good night when you went to sleep at sunset. Besides, you were the friend our parents approved and dragged us home after you went to sleep. You brought us hope when we were forbidden to play outside during the rains.

You are the most reliable friend I’ve ever had. When I had no time to spend with you during college and afterwards, you never complained. When my negligence to you got me osteomalacia (deficiency of vit. D), everyone blamed me. You were the only one who stood by me and never once reproached me. None of the medicines/ injections would have been of any help if it had not been for your support.

I know what you are thinking. If we are such good friends shouldn’t I overlook your short temper and not lecture you about it? Babes, I don’t want you to change. I think that you are the hottest girl, in fact, too hot to handle. What is sun after all without it’s heat? In fact, your temperamental behavior makes our life interesting. But your rage is literally burning us. You have made our life difficult. Indeed, some have taken to bed due to heat stroke. The tender buds and flowers have wilted due to excessive heat. The reason I want you to know this is because I know you are a kind hearted girl. When you’ve got over this phase you are going to repent the havoc you’ve caused. You need to think about that anger management class.

Dear, I do understand that this time, your anger is totally justified. You aren’t the only one who is furious at the immense pollution, deforestation and destruction of nature. But, don’t you understand that your anger is hurting the innocent as much as the guilty? There are people who are trying to stop this man-made degeneration of nature. Why don’t you mellow a little bit and give us a second chance?

I really hope you'd think about it, so we can enjoy the warm summer with you and without the fear of dehydration. Calm down a little bit, dear. We miss your sweet smile which is overshadowed by your blazing countenance.

Yours lovingly,

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