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Saturday, 7 March 2015

The mechanism of change

People expected change, they dreamed it. Then, the Mahatma said, "Be the change, you want to see in the world." Everyone tried to be that change; nothing changed. Hopes were shattered; the world remained like it always was. A shadow of gloom descended on the faces beaming with anticipation. People resumed their routine, the same one they couldn't change.

What they failed to understand was change doesn't occur in a day, not even after all our efforts are combined. A seed doesn't grow into an enormous tree overnight. We need to nurture the plants all through the other seasons before the flowers bloom in the spring. In due course, even a primate ape develops into a human. Don't blame the society for not changing; blame it for not trying to change.

Whenever we talk about change, we talk about rebellion. A revolution is revered, and celebrated. Revolution occurs with a big pomp, and fanfare. Most often, it is unstable. It brings a moment of triumph followed by regret. The next revolution is brought to change the effects of the previous revolution. Then, everyone says, change is the course of nature. This is how the world works.

In contrast evolution takes millions of years to occur. Its gradual progress is boring; no one keeps tabs on it. It considers all sorts of trials and errors before a final change occurs. Evolution lasts forever. The changes do occur, but they tend to go in the forward direction. Though, you may find it hard to believe, humans aren't changing back to monkeys.

Remember, though sometimes it's frightening the way society behaves, it will change. The change will be for the better. Have patience. Keep on contributing your part in the change; every effort matters. Let's bring in the evolution. One small change at a time.


  1. Highly inspiring article, Kiran! Yes, it needs a lot of courage, a lot of faith on self and a lot of patience...
    I like it very much... May I take a screenshot of this and save in my Quotes folder?

    1. Sure, you can.
      Thanks a lot, Sindhu for the appreciation. Have a great week.


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