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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Lady in red

There She was, dressed in red, the colour of love and of lust, the colour of war and of blood.
Riding a fierce tiger expressing terror yet comfort, ruthlessness along with compassion.
Who is She? They call Her Durga, it's one of Her many names.
She is the epitome of power, She is love.
She represents every woman on earth who is full of love but not powerless.
She is the symbol of nari-shakti or female empowerment.

Durga is the Indian Goddess who killed Mahishasura. Durga is considered Shakti or power. When the world is powerless, She is summoned for help. She comes in different forms, each signifies her different aspects. She is worshipped during the nine days of Navratri in all pomp and glory. The festival which is one of the biggest festival in India also represents the irony of the country.

On one hand, Devi (Goddess) is worshipped as perfection. Every village in India has their indigenous Goddess (gram Devi). She is even considered more powerful than the other Gods. But, when it comes to the women in India, she is the weaker sex. She is still the form of Shakti (power) because that is what scriptures say. This part of the scriptures is conveniently ignored.

Atrocities against women in India are on the rise and who is blamed? The women, of course. She is the one who dresses provocatively. I would like to see any of those hypocrites to make a comment on Goddess Kali's clothes. Goddess Kali is wild, the one who isn't inhibited by the society. That is the part of her Mahima (glory). Don't you think that any form of Shakti (Goddess) however, mild has the right to have the wild streak of Kali without being subjected to humiliation?

If you really want to worship Shakti, you have to start with many of her live manifestations around you. Don't forget, she is your mother, your sister, your wife and your daughter. If you can't respect her live idols, how can you really expect her stone idols to bless you? They are the milder versions of Kali, they are Gauri, Parvati. They aren't weak but caring.

Happy Navratri everyone! May Goddess Durga bless you with the knowledge of right and wrong, guide you to help people not judge them.

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  1. Happy Navratri to you too.. :)

  2. I came to your Blog by a sheer chance and now I am glad that I found you.

    Your writing is meaty.

    You weave the essence of the subject with rest of the writing piece so well that a reader doesn't find it tiresome towards the end. You guide your reader step by step to your desired destination. This is a great skill to have as a writer.

    Enjoyed reading.

    Keep writing!

    1. Thank you very much.
      I hope my writing continues to maintain its pattern and improve as well.


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