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Friday, 4 October 2013

The trend that lingers

The title looks like a misnomer because trends don't linger. They change so rapidly that it's a mental exercise to keep up with them. They are very unpredictable too. There's a likelihood that it might soon be uncool to be awesome. I hope that doesn't happen soon. I'd hate to be uncool. ;)

The reason, I am rambling over trends is a purse I dug out of attic.
My grandma made it when I was in kindergarten. At that time, it was a new DIY trend to make these embroidered purses. All you had to do was buy a black, plastic mesh. The mesh was then threaded with glittering golden and other coloured threads to get a customised embroidered design. Later, it was folded and laminated and converted to a purse. At least, I think this was the way they made it.

When I found many such stuff in the attic, I started to ponder about fashion and trends.

  • Trends have a very short life span. Yes, some trends do recur but it could be considered very lucky if they revisited thrice in one's life. If you change yourself with every trend, you might as well be a chameleon with no colour of your own.

  • What looks trendy now might look silly later. Doesn't it mean it was silly all along? The reason it looked classy was your perception.

  • We need to believe in ourselves. It is better to look for confidence inside you rather than some outside influence. Click to tweet.

The purse means a lot to me. I loved my grandma, it is something she made herself. It will always be my most beautiful possession. Whatever may be the era, memories are always the trend. Memories linger, when everything else is gone. Click to tweet.

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