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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

A sweet treat

There are some days when you wake up and feel different. Those are the days when you behave in a manner so strange, that you reach a decision that after so many years we don't really know ourselves.

Kitchen is sort of a foreign domain to me. it's not that I can't cook which too my horror I can do very well. It's like an enigma of life when you are good at doing things you would rather avoid. Kitchen for me is like a horrifying place, I rather not visit unless by some serious machinations of fate or a parent.

And today, I ended up in the kitchen without bribery or compulsion and proceeded to make some sweets. Needless to say, this has awakened great, and I fear unwarranted, maternal expectations. Though, the sweets would lack polish, they certainly turned out tasty. (Now, I'm boasting. It is indeed a weird day!)

However, strange the day might have started, I'm not going to add to it by writing a recipe.

Do you love cooking or you would rather avoid it? Are you among those people who say 'you would love cooking if you your dear ones love your dishes' or some such stuff? Or do you like me think that like many other things cooking is a skill where the outcome has nothing to do with your inclination?
Do let me know your views, I'd love to hear them.


  1. Wow sweets are looking delicious. :) I love cooking but I am not expert in cooking. I like to prepare dishes as per my mood. And when they turn out very tasty, I feel very happy :)


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