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Saturday, 28 June 2014

That which is right

I’ve wondered how people brand each other, either conservative or modern. As I see it, both the terms are illusions. If you are in agreement with the current values, then you are modern. The problem is modern keeps on changing. The values which are modern today might be outdated years later. It must be exhausting to keep up with the latest values. Liberals (today’s modern trend) might blame the conservatives but they aren’t very fast to embrace real progressive ideas either. The real progressive people are remembered in history as ‘the man who was ahead of his time’. The poor guy is thought a weirdo in his times.

It would be nice if people stopped judging each other and accepted them instead. There is one debate which is eternal, love marriage versus arrange marriage This topic isn’t a new one, it is more ancient than the people termed conservatives today. In ancient India, there was a system of marriage called gandharva vivah. This was a type of marriage without religious sanction or family involvement. The system was prevalent and followed by many of our great kings and princes. You see, when you think of it, live-in relationship idea isn’t that modern. Then, why people refer to tradition, scorn this tradition? The simple reason being, there will always be difference of opinion even in matters of tradition.

Tradition isn’t sticking to the old values nor does modern mean throwing away everything of the past. In fact, tradition and modern walk hand in hand, all you have to decide is what are the values you want to keep and what isn’t worth carrying forward. This is a tough decision and everyone has their own opinion. So, we divide into groups of people who agree with us and preach to the others. You have to understand that there is no group, you alone can decide what is so important for you that you need to pass to your future generations. It doesn’t matter what others think or do, you don’t have to think for the society, just yourself. If people evolve, society does too.

We all have the innate ability to distinguish right from wrong. You don't need glamorous broadcasts or books to teach you that. If you have a doubt, just close your eyes and go for the one which feels right. Everybody has a different right path which accounts for this beautifully diverse world. It depends where you are standing. If you are standing in front of me, my right is your left. There always will be people who are standing opposite to you but remember, there are people on your side too. And if you are alone, congrats, you are born before your time.

If you decide to carry a lot of old values, you’re called a conservative. If you decide to let go everything, you are modern. These aren’t the only labels you get in life. All your life, you are going to collect lots of tags. It’s like a post where we try to tag all the related topics, but what really matters is the content. It isn't very smart to debate on the tags instead of the actual post. Don’t bother justifying or resisting labels, try writing a great content. It's important to move forward in life with the values you cherish. If you feel it's more important to make fun of other's values instead of cherishing your own, it means you don't really believe in your values.

Nobody is sure where the path of life leads. Your wrong may be the right option and vice-versa. So, unless you are a sociopath, whatever you do will lead to the betterment of humanity. Why waste time tagging people and proving yourself right? Sometimes, it takes centuries to know for sure. You will be long gone, before the results are declared. Instead, contribute in making the earth a happy place where everyone can live with their own ideas with dignity.

Do you think that it is important that everyone leaves according to your ideas of life? Or do you think that you live upto your values? Let me know what you think. I’d love to know your views.

This topic is inspired by Indiblogger's Indispire.


  1. Nicely expressed, Kiran.
    I feel- It depends on the individual & on the attitude.
    Whatever we do, people will have problems :)

    1. Thanks, Anita. :)
      Yes, people will have problems regardless of what we do. So, we need to concentrate on what we feel instead of what others feel.

  2. Poignantly penned, Kiran :).
    I agree with Anita on this.

  3. Agreed to what you said.
    A really balanced approach.
    Actually as said in my post its all about the use of common sense to judge the right from the wrong and respecting each individual view even if they are poles apart from your own

    1. Thanks, Datta. :)
      I loved your post. It is about respecting each individual regardless of their views. I wish common sense was that common.

  4. loved d fresh perspective on this issue. keep sharing & reading :-)

  5. Food for thought!

    Really good! :-)


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