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Monday, 30 June 2014

Dutch lessons

Netherlands vs Mexico match in round of 16, besides being an amazing match also gave some life lessons. Mexico had almost made into quarter finals when there was a dramatic twist in the last few minutes.

This was one of the Fifa matches, I'm glad I did watch. The match gave valuable insights to life.

People watching the match on big screen at Museumplein, Amsterdam
  • When the going gets tough the tough get going


    The dutch players demonstrated the expression to thrive under pressure. Only three minutes were left and Mexico had almost won. The dutch tried their best in spite of the odds piling against them.

    Life also keeps on piling problems at us. If we let the problems affect us, then we start losing hope. We have to remember at such times that victory wouldn't be so much sought if it was very easy. tough times help us prove our mettle, don't let them discourage you.

  •  You can't be sure of the outcome till the end of the game.   


    By the end I was going to switch off the television thinking Mexico had qualified. That got me thinking. How many times have I given up trying thinking it's too late?

    The game can change course in the last two minutes, never quit trying till after the last second. Most of the times, we quit just before the game was going to turn on our side.

The winners win because they don't breakdown or give up. Remember, winners aren't born, they are made. Every life is a making of a winner, some follow through, some quit.

Get up and follow your dreams, happiness is awaiting you at the next turn.


  1. Nice post Kiran :) Life inspires us in many way :) We grow if we grab the message what life is trying to convey :) Thanks for this post :)

    The Arts & Me

    1. Thanks Sindhu. :) Life indeed inspires us in every way.

  2. Yes, so many lessons to learn from games.

  3. Nice lessons, Kiran. We mus must learn from all :)

    1. Yes we must. Thanks Anita.

    2. Typ in my comment! Remove - *mus* :)
      What a Final it was! Lessons from there as well :)

    3. I understood, Anita but it isn't possible to edit in blogger.

  4. Life is a Teacher !
    Good one !

  5. Awesome post Kiran. Keep it up.


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