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Sunday, 13 July 2014

A drop of water

Water is the driving force of all nature- Leonardo da Vinci

She was living her dream in a beautiful city and an adorable house, only if it weren’t for water supply shortage.
She stared at the dirty dishes in the sink wishing for the faucet to flow continuously.
She should have dreamed something different like life on the sea―a gorgeous yatch, her hair blowing in the wind, dancing waves.
Her reverie broke when she realised, she couldn’t use that water either.
Life would be just the same, beautiful yet empty.


  1. nice one ;)
    had a nice time reading (Y)

  2. So true, Kiran! Water is a major requirement. What use is an apartment without water-supply! What use is water of the sea that can't be used directly! :)

  3. Profound and beautiful :)

  4. so much of life's philosophy impregnated in so few words..nice one..

  5. Agree with talk & speak.. Nice true poem Kiran!

  6. good one! life without water really feels empty !

  7. Short with impact.. Gagar mein Sagar ,Right! :)

  8. A thought provoking story ! Good one :)

  9. Wonderful post, Kiran! Short but with great impact. This is time we should realize the value of water and stop wasting all our valuable natural resources.

    1. Thanks Moon. Yes it's time we realise importance of water.

  10. True, that makes us realize the importance of essential things in life. Beautifully worded.


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