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Friday, 15 August 2014


Photograph by Charuhas Acharya

Freedom or Liberty isn’t a light word to be trifled with, long declarations are dedicated to it, wars are fought in its name and now, the state recognizes the right to freedom. The last one used to confuse me as a child. If we are born free then, why does some one confer upon us right to freedom? Then, I started growing up and saw birds in cages, animals in zoos, and humans trapped in their own virtual prisons, I realized how difficult it is to remain free. The poor animals are the victims of being the weaker species but man who is supposed to be intelligent isn’t free either.

We make a hue and cry about our freedom of expression but no one much bothers about the freedom of thought. Whether, it is modern or traditional, conservative or liberal, everyone has an ideology mapped out for him to refer. Sometimes, I wonder if we do have any original thoughts? 

Some lines from my favourite poem on freedom:

ज्योस्तु ते श्रीमहन्मंगले Iशिवास्पदे शुभदे

स्वतंत्रते भगवतिIत्वामहं यशोयुतां वंदे II धृII 

(Victory to you, O Auspicious One,

O Holy Abode, Eternal Delight!

O Goddess of Freedom, Victorious One, we salute you!)

Swantraveer Sawarkar has written many wonderful poems but ‘Jayostute’ is one of his best. I wonder at the intensity of his love for freedom, the way he describes it and spent his life towards achieving his ideal.

हे अधम रक्त रंजिते I सुजन-पुजिते ! श्रीस्वतंत्रते 
तुजसाठिं मरण तें जनन
तुजविण जनन ते मरण
तुज सकल चराचर शरण
भरतभूमीला दृढालिंगना कधिं देशिल वरदे
 स्वतंत्रते भगवतीIत्वामहं  यशोयुतां वंदे II   

(Soaked in the villain’s blood—you are!
Worshipped by noble men—you are!
Life is to die for You,
Death is to live without You,
All creation surrenders unto you!)
If you want to read the complete poem visit


The problem with India is that we have lost our passion for attainment of ideals somewhere along the after-years of independence, and accepted the curse of compromise. Most of passionate people left are the fanatics which makes it worse. 

We are still a long way from obtaining Independence from malnutrition, starvation, poverty, corruption. Let's all of us Indians pledge on this independence day that every step we take would be towards a goal where every Indian can lead a happy and prosperous life.

For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.- Nelson Mandela

Happy Independence day India! Jai Hind !


  1. Thought provoking. Sadly for us freedom is all about what we can do, without responsibility.

    1. Thanks Saru. We do have a habit of being irresponsible. We need to understand, that with freedom comes with responsibility.

  2. I love the quote by Nelson Mandela. I think no one, nowhere is free! As long as we are humans, with human traits, we will be controlling/controlled.

    Destination Infinity

    1. I agree, humans are more of a threat to freedom of the other creatures as well as our won.


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