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Friday, 9 December 2016

Slaying dragons

Most people think dragons don't exist. That is because they are relying on fairy-tale description of dragons―huge creatures with wings and numerous limbs, having serpentine traits, breathing fire and brimstone.

But dragons do exist. They don't live in far off mythical lands away from civilization; they reside closer to the real world. The dragons live inside us, mingle with our thoughts, and taint our actions. They arise in wee hours of night to disturb our sleep. They prey on your peace of mind, and can grow to a monstrous size if allowed.
Monster within

These dragons are born of guilt, and fear. They are the ghosts of our past and present mistakes, the product of the negative words and actions of the society we live. These dragons sow the seeds of self-doubt, and hatred. They keep on pointing our faults, and insecurity. They over-shadow the light of hope, destroying our faith, confidence, and self-esteem.

This is where the fairytales save us. They teach us right from childhood that dragons can be destroyed, if only you are brave enough. Real courage doesn't involve fighting dragons in a far-off mythical land. Real courage is fighting the dragon within yourself. It comes with a great risk of getting hurt, and having scars which would last a lifetime. It is the courage to face all the perils of life, and survive. It is to persist despite of the fear. Then, finally you slay the dragon and win.

All you have to remember is that however powerful the dragon might be, it can still be defeated. Dragons exist so that you can be a hero too. Never give up on yourself.

Which dragon do you think is the most difficult to beat? 


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  2. A lovely post! yes, the real dragons are within us that need to be deafeated

  3. So true. A very well written post :)

  4. Very deep thoughts and true also. Very nicely presented.


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