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The truth about setbacks

So you had a setback? Congratulations. I am not crazy, I really mean it. Though they tend to have depressing effects, setbacks are a necess...

Saturday, 9 November 2013

How to deal with setbacks

Now, that you know the truth about setbacks, you have to move to the next step, dealing with setbacks. The effective handling of setbacks paves the way for your success. Don’t get back into the race immediately. If you’ve had a severe setback you need to address your injuries. To win long races, stamina is more important than speed.

Four steps to deal with setbacks:

1) Give an outlet to your feelings:

Setbacks cause a feeling of depression and inadequacy. To overcome these negative feelings is the foremost objective. These feelings don’t vanish if you try to suppress them. Instead, they occupy some small corner of your brain and try to plant doubts about your success plans in the future. You need to channel them and and convert them to positive feelings. Remember, the law of conservation of energy, the same law applies to your feelings. Emotions aren’t created or destroyed, they change from one form to another. Let us see, how you can change negativity to positive.
  • Don’t be afraid to cry. Once, you have done with crying, you might feel a lot better.
  • Life isn’t just about goals and dreams. There’s more to life than that. Hang out with your friends and family. They are always there to support you and cheer you up.
  • Have you been so engrossed with life’s goals that you gave up your hobbies? It’s time to take them up. You can also start a new hobby.
  • Utilize this time to start a good exercise routine. Compromising health is never worth it.
When you start feeling better about yourself, move on to the next step. If you weren’t depressed in the first place, you can start with the second step though I wouldn’t recommend skipping exercise or family time.

2)Think, rethink.

It’s time to analyse what went wrong in your planning previously. It’s never only luck. Bad luck is a term used when we aren’t ready to admit our weaknesses. Good luck doesn’t work solo, it walks hand in hand with perfect organization and hard work. Click here to tweet.
Go over each and every step you took to check for mistakes. Ask for feedback from someone you trust and respect. Discussing your strategy with someone helps you realise flaws. We have a tendency to overlook our own mistakes.

3) Take a step backwards.

You have finished with introspecting your decisions. Now, you know where you stand. Don’t start from that point. Start from a earlier point.
Have you observed a long jump race? The athletes run a 5-6 steps before the take off board to gain speed. Similarly, to gain your speed back , take a few steps backwards and start again.

4) Bounce back and start again.

What are you waiting for? You are ready. Go ahead and conquer your goals.

Remember, setbacks aren't a one time thing. They might come again and again but they can be overcome again too.


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