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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The curious case of Monday- Part 3

*To understand this story, you need to start from the Part-1 where Monday is hurt by his ridicule and tries to resign as a day of the week.



The Socialist/ Communist way

The Russian prime minister thought about the Monday problem. He wasn’t suppose to believe in existence of God, but he wanted to be the one to solve the crisis. The solution seemed easy on the face of it, and there was a consensus in the Russian government regarding it’s worth. He decided to talk it over with China.

“We make a law protecting Monday from ridicule. People are bound to obey the laws.”

The Chinese prime minister had the same idea. “The laws are for the good of the people.” He said, “ but I don’t trust that email.”

The Russian Prime minister was restless. “You mean, they sent it?”

The other nodded. “I don’t think God sent it.”

“We could outwit them. We’ll take up Monday’s problem without involving God. Monday is a conscientious worker. Even if it’s a plant, he needs help.”

“We always stand by the working class.”

Monday Manifesto

They declared a Monday manifesto stating how Monday was exploited and then, followed by passing a law to support Monday and called for unity of all the working days of the week. The summary of the Manifesto is given below:

The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles. The working class, the proletariat is always ridiculed by the idle class, bourgeois. All the week days represent the proletariat while the weekends are bourgeois.
Monday, a member of the proletariat is driven to depression with this mockery. This is done with the sole purpose that he derives no joy from his work.
All the week days should form a union and support Monday. The Manifesto further declares that all working people should start loving Monday and defend it from the jeers of the capitalists. 


The after effects

After the Manifesto was declared, Monday started receiving hate mails. 

There were some people who didn’t hate Monday prior to that, but as soon as they knew Monday had become a communist, they started hating him. 

There were others who were furious not because they had anything with the communists or Monday but because they were natural rebels. They couldn’t digest the fact that they were forced to love Monday by some government declaration.

Reasons for failure of Monday Manifesto

  1. The Manifesto was based on the wrong principle. They took it for granted that Monday, being from the working class, the jokes were the brain work of the non-working people whereas it is clear that the working class disliked Monday. The Capitalist in fact loved Monday, if only to see the frustration on the faces of their workers.
  2. Whenever the Government tries to force people to do anything, the people loving doing the opposite. If instead, a declaration would have been passed condemning Monday, the populace would have supported him.
  3. The so called proletariat is a vast class made of different personalities and diverse interests. The proletarians never unite towards a common goal for long. It is one of the reasons for the problems of the proletariat.

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    So, the case of Monday is still pending. Wait for the next part to see how the other countries try to handle ‘The Monday Problem’ and how Monday is finally, loved.

    Do let me know your views on the story.


  1. I hate Monday! But your post is making me shift my sympathies towards it now.

    Excellent portration about Russia and China. Eager to see how you would portrait the others

    1. :) Monday will be pleased.
      Thanks Saket. Keep visiting.

  2. Story is taking exciting turns! Waiting to read what happens next! It seems that the story is not just about a day, but, it has something more than that! Best wishes...

    1. Thanks Sindhu. Glad you liked it.
      Yup, it's not just about the day. It's about people on the earth. ;)
      Keep visiting.


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