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Saturday, 15 March 2014

The curious case of Monday- Part 5

*This is a part of a story 'The curious case of Monday'. To understand the complete story start reading from the first part

The Indian way

The Monday crisis was yet to be resolved when another country, India entered to solve the problem. Most people will be shocked that India is in fact going to participate actively in International problems. India, like other non-aligned movement nation loves to play fence politics in the international arena. That way they can make a lot of noise without having to take any action. Then, why has India decided to involve in this problem?

Copyright on God

For thousands of years, we Indians have some sort of a copyright on God. God might send His son or prophet to some other countries but, when He Himself decides to descend, He chooses India. India was offended when God sent an email to the United Nations. What was wrong with regular means of communication like aakashwani (speak through the skies/lightening.) or popping into a seer’s dreams like He always does?

Though God had hurt their feelings, India did not hold a grudge. Indians were ready to help God to solve the Monday problem.

Monday Mahima

The politicians of India have a strange habit of scattering seeds, be it communalism or any other ideas. Mind you, they only scatter seeds, they leave watering the plant to the rest of the people. The seeds never take root unless, someone decides to water them.

In this case, one of the politicians said, “Monday must be a form of God or his mockery wouldn’t reflect on ‘judgement day’.”

This idea was so appealing to the masses and media that they grabbed at it. Monday started appearing in Sadhus’ dreams. There appeared a Baba Somarasa who had taken diksha (spiritual education) from Monday himself. Hymns were composed reciting praises of Monday. Someone even took to compiling Monday Purana.

The media was overloaded with breaking news of leelas (miracles) of Monday. This led to the logical conclusion. There was a demand for construction of a big Monday Temple.

Monday Temple

The government showed it’s flexibility by performing a tricky balancing act. For most part, it was secular but it supported the Monday temple, too. They had to remember that Mondayites also have a right to vote. The opposition on their part were immersed in the idea.

Now, that a Monday temple was to be constructed, they needed a strategic place. One long bearded sadhu tried to fix this place according to a vision but the co-ordinates he mentioned, turned out to be an existing railway track. This place did not get expected public support and the idea lost its charm.

A great seer located the perfect place, the location where Monday had descended on this earth. For years, historians have tried without any success to pinpoint the exact time and place where Monday originated but then, they lacked the divine guidance which the great seers had.

A magnificent temple was constructed, the splendour of which tried to distract the people from the their poverty and misfortune. Monday was duly worshipped and the temple was bathing in prosperity.

The riot

It was first day of the week. As usual, after office he started complaining about the day. What he had forgotten was, Monday wasn’t just a day now, it was a form of God and it’s never wise to malign God. There started a dispute over his abusing Monday. Normally, he would have backed out but that wasn’t any other Monday. That day had been his appraisal and he was itching to punch someone in the face. He was smart enough to know that someone shouldn’t be his boss even if the latter deserved it.

The dispute turned into a fight between Mondayites and some others who had joined with him. Maybe, they had their appraisals too or they wanted the rest of the week off.

No one understood how it turned into a riot but soon the fight had spread in other cities too. Mondayites, who had enough sense of not burning him, burned his pictures. There were some who didn’t understand the difference. The city was filled with holy terror.

He who is furious


God was furious. He couldn’t believe the incompetence of the self-proclaimed, most intelligent species on the earth. The laws, the wars, the riots, this was going too far.

Moreover, Monday kept pushing his resignation at every human fallacy. God was showing signs of strains. He might even get wrinkles if this continued. However, with His magnanimous sense of justice and tolerance decided to give humans a warning and one last chance to use their common sense, which He remembered having bestowed upon them, generously.
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What do you think of the story? Do let me know your views. Stay tuned for the final part of 'The curious case of Monday' where Monday is finally loved by one and all.
*This is a fictional account and not intended to offend anyone's feelings.


  1. this one was interesting.. will be reading the previous parts very soon :)

  2. So many aspects, Kiran!!! :) Imagine a temple! :)

    1. I know, ;) Now-a-days, temples have become the trend in our country.


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