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Thursday, 8 May 2014

The Captcha Encounter

What is your most dreaded invention? Mine is captcha. Never before had I any doubts of being human.
Whenever, I try to comment on any blog and encounter the Captcha, my heart skips a beat.If you are brave enough to face so many artistically maligned, collapsed letters, then I salute your courage. I tremble when I see it and worse can never guess the letters in first attempt and sometimes, second or third.

It makes me think and I hate thinking, more so when it borders on introspection. Have I forgotten the alphabets? Now, I can sympathize with my Professor who had told me, he had difficulty understanding cursive writing. Maybe it’s nemesis. I shouldn’t have mocked such people. 

There’s a chance that the problem doesn’t lie in my recollection of alphabets. There’s one explanation. Captcha is an amazing discovery to search robots intermingled with humans. I must be a robot. Are you having the same problem? Then, we, the robots should all unite against this Captcha. If you have seen many Hollywood movies, I don’t have to sketch our further plan to you. If not, rush to your nearest DVD store.

Do you use Captcha in your blog for filtering Spam? Are you an expert in Captcha recognition?
Do let me know your views on Captcha.


  1. Ha ha yes I too have felt like a robot many times!

  2. Could'nt agree with you more! I have chosen not to comment when at times the requirement was too much.

    1. Me too! It doesn't seem worth clearing an obstacle race just to post a comment.

  3. Lovely that you have written about this, Kiran :)
    I was planning a post for Captcha! I feel it is such a pain...
    Request everyone to please remove that verification from their Blogs...

    1. Thanks Anita.
      I hope people do remove word verification.

  4. Ha haa :D I have felt the same... Whenever I saw the Captcha while submitting a comment, I feel hell! Later I started following a method... Simply click on refresh/re captcha button by its side until I get an easy one... I has worked to some extent...

    Yeah! I had used it in the beginning days of blogging, later I realised it is disturbing and then I removed it...

    Happy to be here again dear, I have missed many of your posts during my vacation :(

    The Arts & Me

    1. Yup, after some tries, there is an easy one.
      Glad to see back after long. :)
      Keep visiting.

  5. You captchared the agony of us robots very well. This post was needed.

    1. Thanks. :)
      I had to write this post. There were many good blogs, I couldn't comment because of Captcha. :(


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