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Thursday, 24 October 2013

India- The wounded warrior.

On 15th August 1947, India gained independence from the yoke of  the British Raj. India, after long years of sleep, finally woke up at the stoke of midnight. But, the dawn is still far off. We, Indians have to get rid of the vestiges of colonialism before the sun rises on Indian waters. The most important obstructions to our true freedom are the corrupt political and bureaucratic system, the so called just law system which remains inflexible to accommodate any claims of justice but the scales of law can certainly weigh all the monetary benefits, and the unapproachable public machineries with no sympathies for the poor and neglected citizens.

Social emancipation of not only the majority but of each and every citizen is the real objective of freedom. However, social emancipation of even a single person isn't possible without an efficient state machinery.

The present autocratic machinery with their effective humanity and democratic masks have served amazingly well to the politicians making the ordinary man believe that the only reason for India's social failure lies in the immense difficulty level of the task. No one ever questioned the real reason of rating the task high difficulty which is that nobody is interested in achieving it.

The topic is savoured as a starter/dessert for election purposes. If almost every Indian could participate in the fight against the high and mighty British Raj, why wouldn't they contribute a drop for their own welfare? Because nobody asked them which means no one really wants it.

The only leader, who believed that the freedom struggle is not over, was assassinated by a maniac which inflicted a severe blow to a chance of popular involvement in any movement, henceforth. The rest of the leaders believed, now that they have transferred from opposition to the ruling side, the country will automatically develop. With all regards to their best motives, these leaders did not take into consideration the fact, that the country did not just need a change of government, but a healing period and a caring hand of someone to nurture it before it blossomed. Instead all it got was a magnificent plan and a grand entry into international politics.

Though I have to agree India is a giant and has to have an important place in the world politics but India was also a wounded warrior who had just survived bloodshed, betrayal, humiliation and partition. It needed time to bond within itself. We cannot forget that during the national protests for independence, the firing orders were British but most of the hands that carried the guns were Indian. Similarly, during the partition riots, the sufferers were Indians so were the tormentors. People needed to accept the past and blend it with the present as an united front so that the nation would be strong and powerful in the future.

The breach between the bureaucracy and the common people needed to be healed so that they could function as a single entity. Since, India is a democratic country ruled by its own people, there isn't any need for bureaucracy to maintain any distance from the people and serve as a government agent. After all, isn't prosperity of the people and the country the ultimate goal of the government, bureaucracy and the citizens?

This topic after 66 years of independence seems too late but if we all wish it, we can still address the issue and solve it. We, Indians can still consider living like a family, not a modern day family where every question is answered with “mind your own business”, but a real family where you don't mind sharing information with one another. Then, RTI wouldn't be a struggle.

The wounds of our nation have become chronic. This doesn't mean there's no hope. It only means that healing might leave a scar but if we fight together, the scar would be a proud memento of winning the struggle. Let's all start by contributing a bit to any cause you feel is important for the advancement of the nation. We might not donate a cloudburst but every drop is important. India may or may not become a Super-power but we can definitely take it to that spot on the pedestal where every non-Indian wishes that he were an Indian.
- Jai Hind. 

What do you think needs to be addressed foremost to help complete development in India?


  1. Unless people are made accountable for work they do or may not do nothing will change.

    1. You are right, accountability is a must for any sort of change.

  2. Very well written. While the problem is there for all of us to see and understand, unless each of us take the responsibility to make the necessary improvements nothing will change. The immediate problem that is to be tackled is corruption.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I agree with you, corruption has increased even to grass root level, it needs to be addressed first.

  3. Nice to see patriotic feelings expressed in this day & time. It seemed to have gone out of fashion at a time when the slogan seems to be "I, me, Myself".
    Do keep writing.

  4. Thanks a lot. Following you back!

  5. I think corruption. We need to be more honest and everything will fall in place.

    1. I agree with you. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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