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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The curious case of Monday- Part 2

*To understand this story, you need to read the Part-1 where Monday is hurt by his ridicule and tries to resign as a day of the week.

Panic in the UN

The United Nations was in an uproar over an email supposedly sent by God. Though UN has always claimed to be the collective representative of the nations on the earth, this was the first time God had given any inclination of accepting the fact. Being their first time, as a messenger of God, they went into a panic.

The first nation which got involved was the United States of America. Since both UN and USA share the prefix ‘united’, they tend to form an united front.

At first, everyone considered it as an ordinary prank. However, as the authorities failed to find the source from which the email originated, the prank was thought to be an ingenious plan to disturb world peace. Special emphasis was laid on the word ‘judgement’ which indicated the mail meant trouble.

Initially, everyone blamed unknown terrorist organisation but later, the countries of the UN started pointing fingers at each other. The US hinted at KGB without taking any names while Russia was positive about CIA involvement.

Many secret conferences and classified reports later, UN came to a conclusion it was more than a prank. Every clue pointed to non-human involvement.

It could be an alien ultimatum, the UN decided though no one could explain the strange interest of the aliens in the sentiments of Monday. Some religious countries leaned towards the idea that the email might have been sent by the Almighty Himself. However, this idea was disregarded due to lack of scientific proof.

Finally, there was a consensus in the UN that the matter needed urgent attention. It did not matter whether it was God or the aliens, it was an unknown power and the steps to resolve the conflict needed to be taken.

The Security Council meeting 

The meeting of the UN Security council was convened to deliberate over the crisis. All the permanent members and the non-permanent members discussed the issue at length. The discussion being highly technical and lengthy, I’ll mention the highlights.

The British representative argued that Monday was a man with a long beard and a turban on the lines of Osama Bin Laden rather than a day of the week. He was certain that the mention of the week was a red herring to throw them off the trail.

(It is a relief that Poor Monday would never read the reports for he is clean shaved and is proud of the fact.The zealous description of the British representative might have driven him to suicide.)

After a long debate, when everyone adjusted to the alien/God theory, the US representative beamed.

“Leave them to us.” He said, “we are always prepared for an alien invasion. A benevolent nation like the US has many schemes, all tried and tested.”

The Russian seemed skeptic and the Chinese baffled while the rest were purely amazed. The British was the first to realize the only way US could have tried to defend an alien invasion had to be in a Hollywood movie.

“This isn’t a Hollywood movie,” he whispered to the other. “We aren’t even aware of the identity of the other side. It might as well be God.”

The US representative seemed pensive, nevertheless he said, “We can handle it.”

“We can handle it better.” The Russian representative said.

After an intense debate which followed, the only decision they reached was to consult their respective governments and prove who handled it effectively.
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So, the case of Monday is still pending. Wait for the next part to see how the countries try to handle ‘The Monday Problem’ and how Monday became the beloved of humankind.

Do let me know your views on the story.


  1. This is going the interesting way. :)
    But I am keen to know how Monday became the beloved of humankind.

    1. Thanks Indrani.
      There's still time for Monday to become the beloved of humankind. He has to first undergo a lot of trials and tribulations.

  2. This is an engrossing tale. Waiting eagerly to read the next part. :)

  3. Brilliant; the idea itself is brilliant! You have nicely narrated the reaction sof various nationalities as per their traits.

    "Monday....... is clean shaved and is proud of the fact", Loved it!

  4. Very nicely expressed! So real! That's the way they put the blame & don't support as 'lack of scientific proof'! Aagey aagey dekho hota hai kya!

  5. My hunger for reading the outcome of all the UN meeting has only increased.
    Good One.


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