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Thursday, 13 March 2014

The curious case of Monday- Part 4

*To understand this story, you need to start from the Part-1 where Monday is hurt by his ridicule and tries to resign as a day of the week.  


The Capitalist way

“We could ask people to love Monday, at the least to like it.”

The President shook his head, “it won’t work.”

“We could make a law and make it imperative for the people to love Monday and stop its mockery.” 

“We are a free nation,” the president began, “We don’t make unjust laws and force people. Liberty for us-” 

“We should launch Operation Holy Monday.” The secretary of defence interrupted.

“Operation Holy Monday” the President said laying emphasis on each word, “seems fantastic. What is it?”

“Human rights are violated, it is imperative for us to intervene.”

For some time, nobody understood anything. Then, they saw he was pointing at a small country on the globe.

US is as much a supporter for the the protection of human rights as for liberty. As a glutton can't resist food, US can't help protecting human rights of people in the world outside the US.

“Operation Holy Monday, it is.” President nodded. "Monday will get it's respect back, soon."


NATO meeting

After US was through with the particulars of the Operation Holy Monday, it decided to convene a NATO meeting to discuss the issue. NATO has always been a democratic organization irrespective of the contradictory opinions of its opponents.

“Operation Holy Monday!” exclaimed the French Prime minister. “It doesn’t seem right.”

“We have suspicions that X (the concerned nation) is involved with that anonymous email.” The US president informed the others gravely.

“It wasn’t anonymous.” The Frenchman continued, “Why can’t we confess to God and ask for His forgiveness for our sins on Monday?”

Almost every nation scorned at his naivety.

“We could pass a law against mocking or humiliating Monday.” The British Premier argued.

“It’s against the fundamental policy of liberty...” The American continued his monologue for some time.

The Englishman, a firm believer in the rule of law was stunned at this interpretation. The Frenchman blamed this on his countrymen for passing the statue of liberty to the Americans.

“The idea is still far-fetched.” The French Prime minister wasn’t ready to give up. “We can’t just start the operation.”

“We know the protocol. We will start by imposing trade restrictions on the country. Don’t you care for those poor people who are denied their basic rights?”

“Human rights must be protected.” The British Prime minister mumbled to himself. After all, UK is known for centuries as the sole protector of human rights.

“And this solves the Monday crisis. Do you have any alternatives?”

Everyone was silent. 

Operation Holy Monday


The initial phase of OHM as it was called, was a huge success. However, as the operation continued it progressed in the same direction as all the other wars carried for bringing world peace and happiness. It defeated the purpose itself. Thousands of soldiers died for the country and civilians for nothing.

The media termed it as the Operation Unholy Monday and instead of being revered, was stuck with the stigma of being unholy.
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So, the case of Monday is still pending. Wait for the next part to see how the other countries try to handle ‘The Monday Problem’ and how Monday is finally, loved.
 Do let me know your views on the story.
What do you think about the war for establishing peace? Do you think that the ends justify the means? Or that War will give rise to more wars in the same way a mango tree produces mangoes? I would love to read your views.


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